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Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam






Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam

I am an Islamist! I am the anti-Christ! With their tongues
firmly in cheek, Boston’s The Kominas belt out an anthem
for a new generation of young Muslims. It is the summer of
2007. The Pakistani punkers have arrived at the last stop
of their US tour. At the centre of it all is a white American
convert named Michael Muhammad Knight. The Islamic
punk music scene would never have existed if it weren’t
for his 2003 novel, The Taqwacores. In the book Michael
imagined a community of Muslim radicals: Mohawked Sufis,
skinhead Shi’as. These characters were entirely fictional.
But the movement they inspired is very real. Taqwacore: The
Birth of Punk Islam follows Michael and his kindred spirits
as they travel across the US in their green school bus. Their
spiritual odyssey then leads them to Pakistan, where they
bring punk to the streets of Lahore and reconnect with
Islam in a bold new way.

Omar Majeed
has made several short films and documentaries,
including Meet Me and Me, and Stare With Your
Ears. After moving to Montreal in 2005, Majeed worked
with the National Film Board before landing at EyeSteelFilm.
Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam is his most ambitious
and passionate project to date.

Dato: 17/06
Tidspunkt: 23.00
Sted: Pan