Accepted Formats

The Short Film Festival only screen in DCP format. All films that are included in the competition program must be submitted to the festival by 21 April.


DCP (Digital Cinema Package) – Preferred format.

Aspect: 2.39:1 or 1.85:1


Stereo or 5.1 sound

DCPs must be tested and approved before handed over to the festival.

The quality of the DCP and other delivered content is the filmmakers’ responsibility.

Other Formats

The festival reserves the right to convert any content to DCP format, if it serves to maintain the quality of the screenings. The converted DCPs will be available for purchase after the festival. Contact DCPs which are not bought will be deleted.

H.264, ProRes HQ/422/4444

Frames per second
24, 25, 30 FPS

Aspect ratio and resolution
1.85:1 = 1998×1080
2.39:1 = 2048×858

Other formats like 1.78:1 and 1.37:1, will be adjusted to these.


Audio Format
QuickTime with stereo: 24 bit, 48 hz, L R Separate uncompressed mono 16 or 24 bit/48khz WAV or AIFF files. Make sure to mark these correctly (L, R, C, Lfe, Ls, Rs).

Can be burnt into the picture, or delivered separately as SRT.

NOTE: The hard disk/memory stick must not contain any other files than the ones used by the festival. The festival will keep the hard disk/memory stick until the end of the festival.